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About Me

Carrie Sullivan is a Board Certificed Behavior Analyst, with a Masters Degree in Special Education, specializing in early intensive behavioral intervention for children with autism and maintains a private practice in Redwood City, CA.

With over 23 years experience in the San Francisco Bay Area providing behavioral services to children with special needs, Carrie Sullivan began her private practice in July 2015 to work more directly with families and children through direct service and consultation. These services and consultation can range from short-term services that address specific issues (e.g., transition issues, holiday/upcoming travel concerns, new behavior concern, toilet training) to long-term services (e.g., direct one-to-one therapy, providing consultation to the school/therapy team, attending IEP meetings).

Carrie's experience provides her with the unique skill set to be able to assess the areas of strength and need for your child, develop goals and a program to address these areas, and provide training directly to those who work with your child on those areas (e.g., yourself, caregivers, other professionals, school team).

September 2011 to
Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL
September 2012
ABA Online Education Program, completed graduate-level
applied behavior analysis coursework sequence as outlined by BACB

August 1996 to
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
June 1998
M.A. in Special Education, emphasis in Early Childhood
Special Education
Teaching Credential in Early Childhood Special Education

August 1992 to
University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN
January 1996
B.A. in Psychology

January 2013
Board Certified Behavior Analyst
# 1-13-12927
Work Experience
November 2005 to
Bay Area Regional Director, Pacific Autism Learning Services
June 2015
Supervision of intensive behavior intervention program for children
with autism. Also responsible for growth and expansion of clinic sites
providing this intervention including program development, staff
development, managing resource allocation and efficiency, child
assessments, and providing behavior consultations to clients. Includes
work with multiple funding sources such as insurance companies,
regional centers, school districts. Also provided supervision to staff
pursuing their BCBAs.

June 2003 to
Program Director, Foundation for Autistic Childhood Education
October 2005
and Support (F.A.C.E.S.)

January 1999 to
Assistant Program Director, Foundation for Autistic Childhood
June 2003
Education and Support (F.A.C.E.S.)

January 1998 to
Case Supervisor, Foundation for Autistic Childhood Education
January 1999
and Support (F.A.C.E.S.)

October 1998, 1999,
Behavior Consultant, South Bend, IN School District
May 1998, Nov.1997

December 1995 to
Senior Therapist, Foundation for Autistic Childhood Education
January 1998
and Support (F.A.C.E.S.)

October 1994 to
Case Supervisor, Contracted directly with families, South Bend, IN
December 1995

May 1995 to
Behavior Therapist, Supervised by Deborah Partain, M.A.,
August 1995; May
Educational Consultant
1994 to August 1994;
May 1990 to Aug. 1992

Professional Training
February 2015
Early Start Denver Model- Introductory Workshop
Sally Rogers, Ph.D., UC Davis MIND Institute
Completed one-day introductory training workshop on the Early Start
Denver Model.

February 2009
Designing a Language Intervention Program Based on the
Mark Sunberg, Ph.D., BCBA.
Completed one-day training workshop on how to use the five
components of the VB-MAPP in order to identify the learning, language,
and social needs of a child with autism and to develop an intervention
program that addresses those needs.

December 2007
Looking Into the Mind of ASD and Like Disabilities: Exploring how
Informal Assessment, Mental Health and Adult Transition Issues
Links to Practical Program Development

Michelle Garcia Winner, SLP.
Completed one-day training workshop about social thinking and
how different informal assessment tasks can be used for varied

February 2007
The Nuts and Bolts of Starting Social Thinking Programs: Practical
Strategies for Assessment and Life
Michelle Garcia Winner, SLP.
Completed one-day training about running social thinking programs.

April 2006
Social Thinking across the Home and School Day: The ILAUGH
Model of Social Cognition Training & Implementing Social Thinking
Concepts and Vocabulary into our School and Home Day Training,
Michelle Garcia Winner, SLP.
Completed two-day training workshop about social thinking and
Implementing this curriculum at both home and school.

July 1998,
Integrated Play Groups Training, Pamela Wolfberg, Ph.D.

June-July 1997
Completed one-day training workshop, and participated in graduate
level course (3.0 credits).

February 1998
Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) Training,
Andy Bondy, Ph.D
Completed two-day training workshop and learned how to implement
this communication system with children with autism.

Professional Affiliations
Association for Behavior Analysis International
Association of Professional Behavior Analysts
California Association for Behavior Analysis